Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Promeras member?

If you are a PhD candidate at the Erasmus MC, you are automatically member of Promeras! However, we do have a newsletter you can sign up for if you do not want to miss any of our news and activities. Sign up here: You will not get a confirmation of registration, you will just see the newsletter pop up in your inbox at the end of the month. And if you don’t – Check your spam folder! Maybe we ended up in there (and it’s cold and lonely there! So please welcome us into your regular inbox).

What does Promeras exactly do?

Well… A lot! But in a nutshell, we represent all PhD students in our institute. All board members attend meetings from many (national) organizations and taskforces to identify what the current challenges and questions are within the PhD community. Of course, we also organize fun and educational events for our members. If you want to read more about our organization, please visit: and scroll down to “what is Promeras?”. There, you can also find our affiliations.

Do you have social media?

Yes! We have Facebook ( and Instagram ( We most frequently will reach out via the newsletter (email) or Instagram. So make sure to follow us and keep an eye out for our stories. We frequently ask for your input on our Instagram stories.

How do I get into contact with you?

That depends on what your question/comment is about. If you want to reach out with ideas, you can always send us a message via our social media. If you have a general remark/question, it is probably best to email us at If you have a specific question regarding one of our taskforces, it is better to email them directly.

Are you looking for new board members?

We are usually looking for new board members around September each year. This may vary depending on the current board dynamics. We will always place a call for new board members through our website, newsletter and social media.

Do I have to pay for your activities?

Nope, unless we specifically indicate so! Usually, the drinks and snacks are on us ;-).

What are the doctoral regulations and where can I find them?

We have a page specifically dedicated to this topic on our website: There, you can also find a link to the doctoral regulations in both English and Dutch. It may also be that there are department-specific things that you have to pay attention to (e.g. where to send your hardcopy thesis to). We recommend that you also timely speak to your (co-) promotor about this.