Courses for PhD candidates

The Graduate School (GS) organizes courses for PhD candidates. For further info, click here. The GS provides ‘core’ courses, as well as courses in Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Health Sciences. In their newsletter they provide an overview of the upcoming courses, which you can register for. Every PhD Candidate registered in Hora Finita automatically receives the newsletters.

The Medical Library also provides some courses:
– Systematic literature search (Pubmed, Embase).
– Putting together and keeping up publication lists.
– Working with Endnote.

A few courses are recommended/strongly advised by the GS to follow. These include:

Scientific Integrity course (obligatory for PhD-students)

eBROK (obligatory for PhD-students doing studies subjected to the WMO*)
* Wet medisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen / Law for medical-scientific research with humans
Link: (ENG); (NL)

Important to realize whilst registering for the eBROK course

Erasmus MC Graduate School fully covers the costs of this course for all Erasmus MC PhD candidates and Research Master students with a Hora Finita account. Fill in the following details during registration:
Cost center: PhD / Research Master
Reference: OSIRIS student number (the first six digits of your ERNA account)
Please note that the Graduate School only covers the costs when registered as mentioned. They do not refund any cost claims after completion of the course.

Courses in Biomedical English Writing & Communication (highly recommended but not obligatory)