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What is Promeras?

The main goal is to stand up for the rights of all PhD-candidates, for instance the right to follow courses and the right to receive high quality supervision during their research. The board meets the Dean and people of Human Resources and Research & Policy on a regular base. Moreover, Promeras advises the PhD Committee about the PhD Education Policy. Additionally, when PhD-candidates have questions or problems the board of Promeras can offer help.

Promeras is a member of EPAR (Erasmus PhD Association Rotterdam) and PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland). Promeras has regular meetings with the EPAR board and PhD-candidate representatives of other EUR-faculties to discuss matters on university and on national level.

Promeras also organizes social events for its members such as drink nights, bowling events, pub-quizzes, and more.

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Xavier Harmeling

President + PNN

Xavier is a 2nd year PhD candidate at the department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is also part of PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland).

Steffi van de Ven


Steffi is a first year PhD candidate at the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. She is secretary of Promeras and represents Promeras in the organization of the Erasmus Tour.

Sebastian van der Voort

Treasurer & Young Medical Delta

Sebastian is a 2nd year PhD at the departments of Medical Informatics and Radiology. He represents Promeras as part of the Young Medical Delta.

Robbin de Goederen

General Board Member

Robbin is a 3rd year PhD candidate at the Dutch Craniofacial centre of the Sophia Children’s Hospital. He is both a Promeras board member and a member of the educational committee of the SOV (Sophia Researchers Association), responsible for organizing the Erasmus Tour.

Daphne Voormolen


Daphne is a 2nd year PhD candidate at the Public Health Department. She runs all social media and is part of the Career Event organization.

Elisabeth de Wijkerslooth

General board member + PNN member

Currently, Elisabeth is a 2nd year PhD candidate at the department of Surgery. She represents Promeras in the PhD day organization, the PhD committee and the PNN network.

Pauline Stassen

General Board Member + PhD committee

Pauline is a PhD candidate at the department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. She represents Promeras in the Erasmus MC PhD committee.