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What is Promeras?

The main goal is to stand up for the rights of all PhD-candidates, for instance the right to follow courses and the right to receive high quality supervision during their research. The board meets the Dean and people of Human Resources and Research & Policy on a regular base. Moreover, Promeras advises the PhD Committee about the PhD Education Policy. Additionally, when PhD-candidates have questions or problems the board of Promeras can offer help.

Promeras is a member of EPAR (Erasmus PhD Association Rotterdam) and PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland). Promeras has regular meetings with the EPAR board and PhD-candidate representatives of other EUR-faculties to discuss matters on university and on national level.

Promeras also organizes social events for its members such as drink nights, bowling events, pub-quizzes, and more.

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Upcoming events

  • January 15th: Lunch International PhD students
  • January 30th: Erasmus Tour with Marco Blanker, physician of Maarten van der Weijden
  • January 30th, February 6th: Mental Health workshop
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Merel Mol

Chair, External affairs & Task force Mental Health

Merel is a PhD candidate at the Alzheimer Center, the Department of Neurology. Her project focusses on the genetics of frontotemporal dementia.
Besides her function as chair, she represents Promeras at Promovendi Netwerk Netherlands (PNN), and focuses on mental health related issues amongst PhD candidates.

Sarah Moen

External affairs

Sarah is a PhD candidate at the department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology.
She represents Promeras at “Promovendi Netwerk Nederland” (PNN). 

Rama Wahab

Acquisition & Communications, Secretary

Rama is a PhD candidate at the Generation R Study and the Department of Pediatrics.
She is responsible for the acquistition, digital communications (newsletter and website) of Promeras and is involved in organizing the Erasmus Tour.

Laurine Rijsbergen

Digital affairs & Communications, External affairs

Laurine is a PhD candidate at the department of Viroscience.
For Promeras, she is involved in digital communication (Instagram, Facebook and website), represents Promeras in the Erasmus MC PhD committee and is part of the Diversity & Inclusion workgroup

Isabella Zampeta

Task force International students

Isabella is a PhD candidate at the department of Neuroscience. Her project focuses on the molecular aspects of Angelman Syndrome, a  neurodevelopmental disease.
Within Promeras, she is responsible for organizing a Task force for international PhD students, aiming to deal with the issues they are facing in Erasmus MC and to provide information and help when needed.

Wilson Lim

Communication, Promotion and Task Force International Students

Wilson is a PhD candidate in the department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and he is working on drug discovery and developing in vitro infection models for a neglected tropical disease called Mycetoma. Here Wilson is involved in promoting the visibility of Promeras via newsletters and events. Together with Isabella, Wilson is also involved in the affairs of international PhD students. 

Mila Welling

External affairs and Task Force Mental Health

Mila is a PhD candidate at the department of Endocrinology, division of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Her project focusses on treatment of genetic obesity. She represents Promeras at “Promovendi Netwerk Nederland” (PNN).  Moreover, she will be involved in the project about mental health-related issues amongst PhD candidates and Erasmus Tour.

Felix Theunissen