Compensation for delayed research projects due to the corona crisis 2020 for researchers on temporary contracts

The COVID-19 pandemic has had quite an impact on society, and also on research. Therefore, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science has made funding available to universities, with the aim of enabling researchers on temporary contracts, whose research has been delayed due to the corona crisis in 2020, leading to additional costs in 2021 and 2022, to finish their research project. Erasmus MC receives €5,1 million in 2021 and a similar amount in 2022 via EUR. The budget can be spent until 2024.

Research projects can be generously extended, but must fit within the stated criteria. To make use of the extension measure, department heads are requested to complete an application form for every eligible researcher and to submit it to the ‘vacancy review committee’ as soon as possible.

Costs that can be included are: a) salary costs, b) material costs associated with the research project, c) training and guidance costs, and d) costs for facilities associated with the research project. The current application form is for covering extra costs in 2021; an inventory amongst department heads of the costs expected from 2022-2024 will follow later this year. Please note that in case an extension leads to a permanent position, the risks will be for the department.

If your PhD project was delayed due to the corona crisis in 2020, please consult your supervisor(s) or department head as to whether your employment contract or project is eligible for extension. For questions, please contact

This document gives “guidelines” on how universities should deal with PhDs, postdocs and tenure trackers who experience delays as a consequence of the coronacrisis, and which factors should be taken into account.